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Special Wedding Packages   2022 - 2023

Package code: Sp2-DYA22
Special wedding Package A
(Photo+ Video )
Free Trial pre-wedding photo shoot ( one location)

i) Wedding Photography   (6 Hours) - ONE CREW


Professional wedding photographer By Edwin's team (6 hours)

Unlimited photos shoot 

All Photos are professional edit / selected photos retouch

All photos will return to the customer with full HD images (No copyright)




iI) Wedding Videography (6 hours) - ONE CREW


One Professional wedding videographer from our team

Memory style capture and editing

Professional equipment including wireless Mic and LED lighting system

Customer can choose 5 mins highlights version or  full-length memory style video 





  Original Price: $2,499.00


  Special offer: $1,480.00





Upgrade Options:


 Upgrade to 10 hours ( Photo & Video)                                                 add  $499.00

 Full day (unlimited hour  )                                                                               $2,380.00

 Upgrade to  Drone and cinematic video shooting                              add $299.00

 Upgrade to Music Highlights video + full-length video                      add $199.00

 Upgrade to 14 x 11 inch ( photo cover ) album -20 pages         add $399.00. (RRP 669)

                       14X 11inch ( Crystal cover) album - 20 pages.       add $550.00. (RRP 799)


make Booking online receive extra 5% discount

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Package code: 2023SPBII
Special wedding Package B
(Photography & Videography)

i) Professional Wedding Photography includes: 


Professional Wedding Photographer from our team (One Crew)

Full day - up to 10 hours unlimited photo shoot

Photo session cover preparation, ceremony, location Shoot & Reception

All photos are selected with basic edit ( colour correction)

customer can selected 60 photos for details retouch with photoshop effect

One story telling music Music Slide show

II) Professional Wedding Videography includes:


Professional Videographer from our team (One Crew)

Full day - up to 10 hours unlimited video capture

we use one to two multi 4K HD cameras 

Robe digital wireless mic, LED lighting, digital audio sound recording

* 3 to 4 mins Standard Music Highlights  (Music Video Trailer)

  One full version (original audio) -  1  to 2 hour edited summary version.


Special Offer:  $2,480.00 
   Upgrade Option: 
    Option A:
       Full day coverage ( more than 10 hours)
       One location pre-wedding shoot ( Trial Photo)
       $100 off of make-up package
       One 14 X 11 inch 20 pages Photo cover album
       Motion shot onvideo shoot
          add $ 499.00
   Option B:
       Full day coverage ( more than 10 hours)
       Two location pre-wedding shoot ( any dress code)
       $200 make-up voucher
        Professional edit on all wedding photos
       One 14 X 11 inch 20 pages Crystal cover album
       One 30X 20 inch canvas framed
       Multi cameras on video shoot
       Drone ised on video shoot
         add $899.00

5% discount offer with online booking

Package code: 2023SPC

Special wedding Package C
(Photography & Videography)


Pre wedding Engagement Shoot  (Two locations of your choices)


Two selected locations Pre wedding casual Photography

Around 200 photos Professional edited and return to customer

One Story telling music slide show ( Digital Album)

One 30 X 20 inch Canvas framed


i) Professional Wedding Photography includes: 

One Professional ( Award Winning) senior wedding photographer 

(Photography by Edwin or Peter)

Full day - 12 hours professional photography work 

Unlimited photos shoot 

Around 1200 to 1800 photos return to customer

Actual number will depends on the day situation.

All Photos are fully edited and selected photoshop retouch.

One Music Slide show.

One 14 X11 Inch Photo cover album 20 pages


ii) Professional Videography Package includes: ( 2 crew)


One senior Professional Videographer  

One Videographer  assistance ( Lighting and Audio)

Full day - 10 hours professional videography session

Multi Canon DSLR HD Video cameras

Full Professional equipment with digital audio recording system

Powered Stabiliser Gimbal, Robe Cordless mic, LED lighting system, Digital recording.

Cinema Lens and effect lens , 4 K cameras


* One Music Video highlights  


* One full version (Original Audio) , for 1 to 2 hours edited full version 




Original Price: $5,800.00

Special Offer: $4,280.00 / $3,999.00  (online booking only )
Upgrade Option: 
    Option A:
       Full day coverage ( 14 hours)
       $150 Voucher for wedding day make up & hair
       one extra 14 X 11 inch Crystal cover album 16 pages
       Night shoot on pre-wedding trial 
       Drone used on video shoot
         add $500.00
      Option B:
       Full day coverage ( 16 hours)
       Three locations pre-wedding shoot ( any dress code), inc. night shoot
       $350 make-up voucher for wedding day
       $200 family/ christening photography voucher
       $200 decoration voucher
        Professional edit on all wedding photos
       One 14 X 11 inch 20 pages Crystal cover album
       2X 11x 8 inch parent book album
       Extra cameras on video shoot
       Drone used on video shoot
        One pre-wedding video
         add $999.00
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Package code: 2023SPC

Special wedding Package D
(Photography & Videography)
Package includes: 
FREE Engagement session (Photos & Video) - 2 days productions:


3 locations / Full day Professional Pre-wedding (Engagement) Photo shoot

Unlimited photos shoot.

Customer can choose any locations within Sydney / Blue Mountain / Hunter Valley

All photos are professional edited with selected photoshop retouch 

One 36X 11 inch Canvas framed

One Story telling Music Photo Slide show

One 14X 11 Inch , 20 pages , Photo Cover Photo Album

FREE  Music Video production ( Pre wedding music video)

We will provide a professional edited music pre-wedding video ( before your wedding day)

The music video can be story telling or cinematic shot when we capture your pre wedding photos, details will be discussed on meeting.




i) Wedding Day Photography includes:  (2 crews)

Two senior professional award winning photographers  

Full day - 14 hours unlimited Photo shoot  (2 crews)

All Photos are selected, full edited and photoshop retouch.

Estimate around 3000 photos captured and return to customer after edited

* Estimate only - Actual number depends on the event of the wedding day.

Senior Photographers with top grade equipment and cameras used 

Drone will be used on photography shot

One Music Slide show (edited photos).

One Premium Grade (14 X 11 Inch , 24 pages , Crystal Cover) Photo Album

Priority Photo editing service


ii) Cinematography  Video Packages Includes :  (2 senior crews)


Two Senior Professional Videographers ( 2 camera crew)

Motion Shoot with powered movie use DJI ROINI stabiliser

Latest model canon 4K video cameras with cinema effect lens

DJI Phantom 4 pro Drone ( aero shoot)

Full balance equipment, Robe Mic and wireless mic, digital audio recording system

Full day - 14 hours video shoot (2 crew).

* One 5 to 8 mins Music Video highlights    (Cinematic Editing).

   including preparation, ceremony, Locations & Reception

   Music provide by customer

* One full version (Original Audio) , for 1 to 3 hours professional edited version.

   The total length is depend on the actual event.

* 4 crew team




Original Price: $8,988.00


Special Offer: $5,988.00


* Extra 5% off if you directly book online
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