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We, at NC Wedding, promise to make all our customers forge unforgettable memories on their special day through professional and friendly-oriented services. Get in touch with us now.

Our professional crew will answer all your questions and we can modify any of our standard packages to suit your needs and fulfilled your budget because no couple should be left out!

Please send us your enquiry, and our crew will respond immediately or simply give us a call! 

If you are ready to book, please send us your online booking form and you will receive an extra 5% discount on your wedding package.

For photography package customers, we offer a free photo trial. This is to ensure that you are fully satisfied with our services and the quality of photos before the confirmation of bookings. (Note: free trial is only available with online booking).

Ready to book? Extra 5% discount on your select package, Make an online booking now!

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We have a crew to speak your language

General Enquiry: 0406 885 023 
We have a crew to speak your language
                          0426 880 138  Erica  (English, Mandarin, Cantonese)
0412 284 463  Amit    (English, Hindi)

We'll come to you , please arrange with us , thank you !!

Please fill up all informations, we will contact with you shortly.

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